Everything you need to know about Google Ads

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is quite simply an online advertising product owned and operated by Google, it is the biggest and most effective way to advertise your company online. There is no free form of using Google Ads, however you only pay when someone has clicked on your advert (referred to as Pay Per Click/PPC), and that is just beginning of this incredible product.

Your Google Ads can be displayed in various forms all over the internet to reach the right audience at the right time, these include:
• Search Ads
• Display Ads
• Video Ads
• App Ads
Search Ads

In our July Blog “SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – The what, why, when and how” we mentioned Search Engine Marketing, a paid for advert on your search results page, this is your Search Ad. These ads appear at the top of a results page and are labelled “Ad”, the order that these appear are ranked according to an auction that takes place and other various factors. These ads are text based and appear when someone has searched a word related to your ad. The ad is only paid for when someone clicks to visit the website or call your business.

Display Ads
Google Display Ads can be displayed as a text or banner on a website, Google mail or in an app by selecting a specific app category. This can be targeted to your audience based on what you know about them such as their demographics or interests. These ads appear on over two million websites and in over 65 000 apps.

Video Ads
Video Ads appear on YouTube before the video starts and are only displayed to people that you target. You can target your audience based on their age, gender, location, interests and more. You will only pay for this ad if someone engages with it or does not “skip ad” before 30 seconds.

App Ads
App Ads are an easy way to promote your App to iOS and Android users on Google. These ads appear all over Google’s network such as on the search engine, Google Play, YouTube and many other mobile sites and apps. You decide which action you want people to complete with your app such as “Install” and then you pay for the ad when someone installs your app.

Have you ever noticed that after you have visited a website, an advert from that website appears on the next website? This is one of the benefits of Google Ads, reconnecting with your website visitors. Another benefit is that it works faster than SEO as your “Ad” will appear first on the search results page gaining more visibility. Lastly, and most importantly, you can measure your performance and manage your budget more precisely. You decide how much you want to spend on each ad and can spend more when and if your ad gains more traction. You can see how many people have clicked on your ad, how much traffic there was to your website and how long they stayed on that landing page, how many leads were generated, which keyword generated the most leads and how much it cost you per lead. With all this information you can then adjust and adapt your ad campaign, decide whether to switch it off or turn it back on and you can run as many ads as possible!

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