SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – The what, why, when and how

“An SEO expert walked into a bar, bars, tavern, shebeen, pub…”

The second page of Google is where dreams go to die and that’s not where you want your business to appear. This is where SEO comes in and saves your website and your business. SEO, search engine optimisation, is getting traffic to your website from the organic search by improving its visibility on the search results page. So, let’s back up:

Search engine = Google, Bing, Yahoo

Traffic = Customers clicking through to your website

Organic = Free

Search results page = The page that loads after you have searched something online

The first few results that appear on a search engine results page are paid for, this is known as Search Engine Marketing (another blog for another time). To get your business to appear below the two or three “Ad” searches, and be at the top of the organic results, you will need constant SEO on your website. Quite simply this will involve creating unique, relevant and quality content that matches popular keywords. More complicated elements are adding tags to things such as your title, images, videos and pages on your website so that the search engine index knows exactly what is on your page and can therefore provide the most accurate results to the searcher. There are many other elements to SEO as it is constantly changing and providing new ways to increase visibility. Here is a simple and basic way to optimise your website:

Step 1: Research keywords that are relevant to your business and see which relevant words are most popular using the appropriate Google tool such as Google Keyword Planner

Step 2: Incorporate these keywords into your website through your content.

Step 3: Do this on a continuous basis (at least once a month).

Consider your website optimised.

Be mindful when writing your content and including your new keywords not to make these two common mistakes that Google will most certainly notice as you trying to manipulate their algorithms and effect your ranking:

  • Do not duplicate your content – ensure all content is original and unique.
  • Do not repeat the same keywords over and over AKA keyword stuffing – adding the keyword in the title or headline and in your text where relevant is sufficient.

We offer constant and effective SEO, managing all the elements to ensure your website reaches the highest possible position on an organic search engine results page.



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