The impact social media may have on your brand

It is inevitable that every brand in 2019 is present on some form of social media platform, if that is not the case with your brand, it is time to get on it before you get left behind. The influence that social media will have on your company’s brand is unpredictable, it can go from positive to negative in a matter of comments and shares from your customers. Something a company needs to remember is that your followers have the power over your brand on social media and they are savages. 

Positive impacts that Social Media may have your brand

The more relatable and humanlike that your brand is on social media, the more positive the impact will become. Customers like to follow brands that are funny, engaging and keeping up with the current trends with quality content. What may result from a positive impact:

  • Increase in brand awareness – social media pages that create unique and engaging content attract more followers, this means an increase in brand awareness.
  • Increased sales – it is likely that these new followers will turn into new customers. 
  • Brand loyalty – if you are connecting with your followers by responding on time and resolving issues as well as actively communicating with them with something that provides value to their newsfeed, they will remain loyal by following your brand and sharing the content you post.
  • Word of mouth – your loyal followers and followers who enjoy your content will share it with their online contacts and reach a wider audience.

Negative impacts that Social Media may have on your brand

With all the positive impacts that Social media may have on your brand, there is one big negative impact which is a community managers nightmare. A customer who has had a bad experience with your company, whether it may be online or offline, can ruin your brand image online with a simple post that goes viral. The “name and shame them” posts on social media are damaging to your brands image and before you know it you are losing followers, resulting in losing customers. How the company responds to these posts is what will make or break your page:

  • Never ignore an angry follower
  • Never block or delete an angry post
  • Always try resolve it directly with the angry follower, privately and offline
  • Once it has been resolved and both parties are satisfied, ensure all other followers who have seen and commented on the posts have been informed of the resolution.

Community management is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get! Contact us to have your pages managed and ensure there is always a positive impact.

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