Using social media as a customer service tool.

In our last blog, we discussed how a customer could damage your brand on social media after having a negative experience that wasn’t satisfactorily resolved. A big advantage for companies that are active on social media is that it can be used as a customer service tool, and your followers love this! It is a convenient and fast way to find out more information about things such as availability, price, location and trading hours for example. This too may have negative or positive impact on your brand depending on how you respond and how responsive your page is.

Here are 5 ways to use social media as a customer service tool.

  1. Respond to everyone

Whether it may be a comment, review, inbox or post, your followers want to engage with your page and so it is important to respond to it all even if it is with a “like”. Your response will depend on whether it was positive or negative but nonetheless a response to all will go a long way for your brand.

  • Personalisation

You must remember that you are talking directly with a customer, it is best to address them by their name. You may even get creative in your replies and use emoji’s. This will give a humanlike feeling to your page that your followers can connect with.

  • Informal language

This is not an email. Your replies may be more relaxed as if you are having a face-to-face conversation, this too may connect you with your followers.

  • Response time

It is impossible to reply to followers right away at any time of day (yes community managers need sleep too), but it is best to reply in less than 24 hours as social media has the notion that it is “always on”. A good response time will have a positive effect on your page and it is highly appreciated by your followers as they have come to your social media pages for quick answers.

  • Resolve negative matters privately

This one is tricky. Be sure to always try and get your follower to privately message you with their details so they may be passed to the relevant party to be resolved directly with your company and then keep your follower up to date with the progress. This will show that you value your customers as well as their opinions and experiences. But every other follow has seen this complaint and how you responded to it. Remember the customer is always right applies to social media too!

Let us help you increase your response time on your social media pages, contact us today to chat about managing your social media pages!

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